6 Things to Do and Prepare When Using Services from a Manpower Supply Company

6 Things to Do and Prepare When Using Services from a Manpower Supply Company

Manpower Supply Company – A manpower supply company is a kind of company that works in the area of providing human resources or employees to other companies. Nowadays, many people often call such a company an outsourcing company. Sure, it refers to the ability of the company to provide supplies to others, whether they are tools or workers.

Collaborating with a manpower supplier is necessary and often recommended to companies and businesses nowadays. There are some benefits considered to give starting from saving budgets to saving time and energy.

Not only big companies can use the service, but buy also if your company is still on the low to medium scale, getting help from the manpower supplier is never a bad idea. Indeed, checking the manpower supply company profile is an important thing to get the best service.

Besides, you should also prepare and do some matters before and during using the service from the supplier. What are they?

Understand Your Business Goal

Make sure you know and understand well the main goals of your business. It helps you a lot to identify what types of workers to hire through the top manpower supply company.

Furthermore, you should even record the goals along with the details. Understanding and recording the business goals to ease you more in communicating with the manpower supplier. Remember that they must plan all the recruitment processes properly. Therefore, the employees finally hired can meet their clients’ expectations.

The details of the business goals can be recorded in the form of a proposal. It explains all aspects in detail including the types of workers to hire, the positions needed by your company, and the targets and volumes of the workers. In front of the best manpower supply company, you can explain it orally by doing a presentation.

Conduct a Survey for the Best Manpower Supplier Company

Manpower supply companies are not something strange in this modern day. Many companies and businesses work in this area so the options are indeed wide. However, it doesn’t mean you can just randomly choose one of the companies without knowing well the reputation and credibility.

You should conduct a small survey for the top manpower supply company in Indonesia. To do that, visit directly some of the best companies based on the customers’ reviews. Then, ask them about their experience and portfolio and if they have served a company that is similar to yours.

Sure, if they have experience in handling a project that is quite similar to yours, it is a good thing. You can ask or observe their performance whether the clients are satisfied or not. Learn also about how long they did the project and, of course, how much money you must spend to cooperate with them on it. It is applied to all companies including the engineering manpower supply company.

Choose a Manpower Supply Company with Follow-up Services

When surveying the best manpower supply company, ask also whether the company has follow-up services or not. A follow-up service means a set of further services after the manpower supplier company has done in doing the project with your company.

Using the follow-up service doesn’t mean that the supplier will work with you all the time. The supplier needs to be responsible if there is a problem after the main collaboration project.

For example, if the supplier provides human resource recruitment for you, it must successfully provide competent and professional employees based on their positions. There is a possibility that the supplier fails in providing 1 or 2 employees based on the requirements you make. This way, the supplier must be responsible to make another recruitment later.

Understand How the Manpower Supplier Works

For any services including the hotel manpower supply company, you must understand how the supplier works. Make sure they explain to you completely how they do the project. For the recruitment project, you must know the process from the beginning to the end, including the vacancy opening, tests, conducted, and how to inform the candidates whether they are accepted or not.

A good manpower company must involve you in the project. As the client, at least, you have a role as the consultant related to what they do. Of course, it is because the employees finally accepted will work for you. Your criteria are the most important things to consider.

Aside from understanding how the company works in your project, it is better also to know their performance and event management, in general. It is okay to know their performance in the offshore manpower supply company although your company doesn’t work in the area. It is just another way to know if you are collaborating with the right supplier.

6 Things to Do and Prepare When Using Services from a Manpower Supply Company

Consider the Services Offered

You may have many criteria, terms, and conditions for how the project is done. At the same time, the manpower supply business must have its own also. Their criteria are shown to you in the form of services. For example, they may offer you another recruitment test despite the written test and interview.

Along with your own criteria, you can consider their services. An experienced manpower supplier may offer you those additional services because the services are suitable for your company. Sure, for every additional service they offer, there must be more charge also. Since the beginning, creating a manpower supply company list and comparing their services is even a good thing.

As long as the service is good and suitable and you have enough budget for that, why not?

Understand the Legal Terms when Using the Manpower Supplier

Generally, almost all countries allow the use of manpower suppliers as long as their work downtown violate the regulations of human employment. But sure, there must be legal terms about this matter to obey by the supplier and client.

So, the next thing to do is to understand the legal terms implemented in Indonesia and whether the civil manpower supply you choose had followed them.

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