A Quick Guide to Manpower Supply Agency

A Quick Guide to Manpower Supply Agency

In Indonesia, for employers finding the right human resources is as hard as for an employee searching for a job. According to studies, one of the main reasons is the employee market. It is the condition where there are also companies that hire an employee in the same position at the same time. Therefore, using a manpower supply agency is the best option to solve the problem.

Manpower supply companies provide services for the recruitment process of human resources. The primary objective of these companies is to provide the right talent according to the requirements and expectations and also to help individuals get placed in organizations with suitable job profiles. In other words, manpower supply acts as a third party between the employer and employee.

Besides, as the business begins to rise, the work involved also begins to be more varied. To maintain smooth functioning business operations, agencies play an essential role. These agencies help to make organizations or business owners meet their competent workforce if they can’t cope with an unexpectedly increased volume of work in a specific area. Not only finding potential workers, but these agencies can also provide services like job placement.

One example of an Indonesian manpower supply agency is PT. Qyusi Global Indonesia. The company known as Qyusi Manpower is a management system consultant that makes expansion to a professional manpower supply agency. According to Qyusi manpower’s director, Eko Budi Sektiono that quote from swa.co.id sites, the company can help corporate clients easier to make operational cost efficiencies since they have a skilled, reliable, and certified workforce.

Manpower supply agency in Indonesia indeed has a major role. So, here we discuss the benefits and factors to be considered in using the agency. However, before that, there is a brief explanation of what manpower supply and its services are.

  1. What is Manpower Supply Agency

Recruiting human resources for an organization for permanent or contractual purposes is a manpower supply meaning. The agencies often provide their services to organizations or companies that come up with the regular requirement for blue-collar worker types of employees. These types of organizations often don’t have enough time to reach out to each talent due to the diversity of roles and projects. Thus, they need the agency to fulfill positions in the organization.

Meanwhile, for services, agencies are on the company’s behalf or the only parties that handle the recruiting process. These agencies have a keen eye for identifying project requirements even though the project is various. This type of managed staffing can reduce the company’s burden since the agencies will be the ones who conduct the hiring process including negotiating salaries. It also can cut costs for the hiring process since the agencies can be hired as they are needed.

  1. The Benefits of Manpower Supply Services 

Make Cost-Effective Process

Reducing operational cost to hire skilled people is one of the main reasons why the company chose manpower service. Using manpower supply services can save costs to employ a full-time Human Resource team who has limited access to a large workforce. Moreover, they can hire an employee when and as the requirements are needed.

Provide Easy coordination

In the hiring process, recruiters need to understand the company’s expectations. That is why they have to cooperate with the employer as well as the employee which might go through complicated steps. Meanwhile, Manpower agencies are the third parties that mediate the company and workers. Therefore, the process itself is more managed without facing significant difficulty.

Have a Better Quality  – manpower supply agency

A company has to have skilled workers to help the growth of its business. These agencies search for candidates who have the required skill set, even training. They also have time and money to create a group of a competent and reliable workforce. Then, they also have the qualified skills in assessing to meet the manpower supply requirements for employing the right workers.

Have a Quick Service  

These agencies usually have big data and contacts for hiring from small to large workforces. Hence, these agencies can help you provide staffing faster.

Reduce Risks

It is for sure that every business wants to achieve success by generating more profits with a great amount of cost and effort. Meanwhile, if the company is going through the hiring and firing process frequently, it can spend more money.

On the other hand, hiring manpower supply agencies can lead to better productivity since they decide on the right candidate after evaluating their skills and talents.

  1. What are the consideration factors in hiring a manpower supply agency?

manpower supply agencyAs the business grows, the demand for a workforce is inevitable. Then, you might start thinking about working with a manpower supply agency. Here are factors you must consider:


The company should make sure to discuss the costs and policies in advance. Having a good understanding of all policies and cost regulations hinders unwanted clashes between the company and the agency itself.


Flexibility is one of the essential elements to ensure if any urgent requirement appears. It means the policies can also be applied and covered effectively under certain conditions.

Inclusiveness – manpower supply agency

The company might be involved in the recruiting process since the company wants the best workers chosen, even though the company hires an agency. So, having an agency that keeps the company updated and stays connected can become a point plus.


The agency can provide skilled workers in all different job roles to meet expectations.


The company should know how long the agency has already been in this business. An agency that has been around for a while usually has a better network of workers to choose from.


By fully taking care of the growth and development of the company, the agency believes it makes the company prefer its services more than any other agencies.

From the explanations above, we know that every business wants to maintain a competitive edge over its competitors. One way of doing it is to choose wisely a manpower supply consultant or agency that understands the company and industry well. Therefore, the business can run smoothly without facing any workforce shortage.

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