How to Choose a Manpower Supply Company in Indonesia

How to Choose a Manpower Supply Company in Indonesia

Manpower Supply Company in Indonesia – When it comes time for your organization to hire a manpower supply company in Indonesia, you want to choose the best one. The one that will provide you with high-quality manpower that is also skilled in their field. Here are some things that you need to know before striking a deal.

Manpower Supply Company in Indonesia – Background Check

manpower supply company in Indonesia

The first thing that you can do before hiring a manpower supply company is to do a background check. With this, you can check their credibility in providing manpower for certain kinds of organizations. You can also understand their value and decide if it’s also the same one you’re looking for.

You can also ask for a brief of their past project. Through this brief, you can see their manpower quality. Discuss also their hiring process. It would be even better if they won an award for their service.

Terms and Condition

Oftentimes, the terms and conditions of a manpower supply company in Indonesia are tailored according to the organizations that hire them. It is necessary to read through the whole agreement to make sure that the hiring company will assist 100% until the decision is made.

These terms and conditions include roles or work positions that the organization needs. The manpower supply company will use this to ensure the aptitude of the labor supply that they provide for the organization.


Using a manpower supply is known to be cost-effective. You can shift your hiring process budget for using this service. Usually, every company has a different pricing list, but know that it should match their abilities to hire high-quality labor. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the right budget.

Other Important Requirements

Upon your first meeting with the manpower supply agency, you need to explain everything about your organization. Including requirements and the budget you have. This will help them to understand your needs and assist you accordingly.

You also need to be actively involved. You can ask for an interview session with the manpower before making the final hiring decision. This will provide you with insight and consideration of whether you want to proceed with the candidates or not.

That concludes the tips on how to choose a manpower supply company in Indonesia. It is very beneficial to use this service when you need an effective hiring process. You can trust PT Qyusi Global Indonesia – Qyusi Manpower to provide you with the best service in this area.

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