Technical Manpower Supply Company Disciplines

Technical Manpower Supply Company Disciplines

Technical Manpower Supply Company – The engineering division is known to need the help of a technical manpower supply company. This is because this position is very crucial, especially for big industries. Technical manpower has a wide range of variety and each one plays a very different role from one another. Here are some technical disciplines that you might need to know.

technical-manpower-supply-company-disciplines – Materials Engineering

To run a manufacturing process, it is necessary to control the materials used in the process. This is the job of materials engineers. They will develop, process, combine, and then test the materials that are needed in production. They are also in charge of identifying the best materials for specific processes.

Some of the abilities needed to be a skilled materials engineer are problem-solving skills. This manpower supply also needs to have communication skills, verbal and written. This will help them communicate with other departments regarding the materials used in production.


Technical Manpower Supply Company – Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are two different positions that are related to each other. QA works at the end of a production process. Their task is to make sure that all products are fulfilling the standard and are ready to develop for public use.

On the other hand, QC works through the entirety of the production process. They need to make sure that the raw materials are safe. They are also in charge of supervising the entire production process. Taking notes if there are any outliers that could cause quality deviation.

Technical manpower supply company like PT Qyusi Global Indonesia – Qyusi Manpower will provide skilled and experienced employees for supervising the entire production process, including quality assurance and quality control.

Health and Safety Environment

Known as HSE, this particular technical manpower covers the entire process of identifying potential hazards in certain environments. This skill set is needed by all industries, including the ones that work regularly with chemical or biological materials.

They are also in charge of finding the best solution to reduce or remove any hazards in the working environment. This can also be combined with employee training for accident prevention and response. This type of job is very important for creating a safe industry, physically and mentally.

An organization might need one of the technical manpower disciplines, other might need all three. Either way, these specific positions in the industry needed to be filled with skilled people to increase productivity in the industry. That’s when you need to use the service of a technical manpower supply company

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