Know These 3 Things so Your Manpower Supply Requirements are More Precise

Know These 3 Things so Your Manpower Supply Requirements are More Precise

Manpower Supply Requirements – Human Resources is the most important thing that must be owned by a company or organization. Because it is the main element for the running of an organization, good planning is needed related to the manpower supply.

Therefore, in determining employee needs, proper manpower supply requirements are needed. Well, this is where the role of manpower planning is needed. If you want to learn more deeply, here we provide a brief and complete explanation.

Current Employee Availability Analysis

Before you determine manpower supply requirements, you need to do an analysis of the number of employees currently owned by your company. The analysis includes position, skills, age, gender, work experience, and other required personal data.

By using this data, you can use it as a reference for employee development. From there, you can also find out the strengths and weaknesses of current employees.

Needs Analysis – Manpower Supply Requirements 

manpower supply requirementsManpower supply analysis is not only determined by HRD, but also division managers. There are several ways you can do to determine the needs of new employees, including:

  • Expert Forecast which can be done through informal judgments, surveys, and Delphi techniques.
  • Trend Analysis through extrapolation by projecting needs from the past, indexation, and also statistics.
  • Work Load Analysis can also be done by calculating the workload in departments, divisions or company branches.
  • Work Face Analysis can also be a way to assess the needs of new employees through quantity, composition, and quality.
  • Another method that can be done is by mathematical or statistical modeling. Usually used planning analysis via regression.

Create A Work Program

If the number of new employees has been determined, don’t forget to make an appropriate work program. The work program is made to be able to get the human resources you need. For example, through the selection of new employees.

Designing New Employee Training

A good company will provide training to its new employees so they can understand the company’s vision, mission and culture well. Therefore, as HRD, you must be able to arrange the best training program to improve workforce competence.

Calculate Your Budget – Manpower Supply Requirements 

After knowing the manpower supply needs in your company, now you have to calculate the availability of funds for recruiting. This budget includes costs for recruiting and employee wages.

So, after doing these methods, you can formulate an agreement related to the amount needed from the manpower supply. After that, immediately contact the manpower supply agency to be able to get new employees more quickly.

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