How Does Manpower Supply Consultant Work?

How Does Manpower Supply Consultant Work?

Recruiting a qualified worker who fits the company’s requirements turns out quite hard. The procedure includes a long process of screening, assessing, and interviewing until hiring. Not only does it need significant effort and time, but it also might cause massive expenses for the company.

Besides, as the business progresses, a new type of job role might appear. Therefore, to find skilled candidates quickly, a company can use a manpower supply agency, company, or consultant.

The manpower supply company in Indonesia that the company can rely on is PT. Qyusi Global Indonesia. Qyusi manpower claimed it has a pool of talent which is expert, reliable, and certified in their work field. Thus, a company doesn’t have to spend more on operational costs to hire a competent worker.

Using a manpower consultant accelerates the process of hiring. Read more to know how the consultant works and why the company should hire.

manpower supply consultantsHow does it work?

As the demand for the workforce arises, a company will reach the manpower supply consultant. Then, the company will handle its requirements such as job responsibilities, the hiring timeline, the number of workers needed, and the salary or hourly wage. It might include company values and culture.

After knowing the company’s expectations, the consultant will find the potential worker by proceeding with the recruitment process from posting job ads, screening applicants, arranging tests and interviews, and negotiating salaries. Then, the consultant will involve the company before making a final hiring decision by giving a list of top candidates. Lastly, the consultant will handle the paperwork related to the job’s contact, tax, and payroll system.

Why do you have to hire a Manpower Supply Consultant

Based on recent data, 69% of global employers are struggling in finding workers that have technical, soft, and personal skills. Moreover, many recruiters spend about 80% of their time finding and attracting candidates. It might happen since Hiring is not an overnight process.

Those things can make the company unable to fully focus on performing its business. Meanwhile, with the help of a manpower consultant, the hiring process won’t take much time since they have the expertise as well as a massive contact workforce in their database.

From the explanation above, we know that hiring a manpower supply consultant can hasten the hiring process, reduce workload, mitigate risks, and offer flexibility to reach well-qualified workers. In other words, the consultant helps to boost efficiency and suitability for the company’s needs which can grow the business even better.


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