Knowing Better Manpower Supply Meaning

Knowing Better Manpower Supply Meaning

Manpower Supply Meaning – What is manpower supply meaning? It is a process of recruiting a competent to fill certain positions. It might include a step of making job ads, screening and scanning applicants, scheduling tests and interviews, evaluating, and lastly, making a final hiring decision.

A manpower supply agency has a significant role in bringing success to a business. It offers to prove skilled and qualified workers that meet the company’s particular needs.

After we know what manpower supply meaning and its roles, the company should know the types, advantages, and advantages before choosing the right agency.

The Types of Manpower Supply 

manpower supply meaningThe agency helps companies recruit for different types of jobs. There are temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire. A temporary type is a set start and end date type of job. Temp-to-hire type is similar to the temp type, but once the employee is over the required time, the company can determine whether the employee fits the long-term or permanent role. For the direct hire, the job offers a permanent position.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manpower Supply

Even if the agency might be one of the best options for hiring a workforce. Besides, the company should know both the goods and downsides that might occur in the long run.


– Having a specialized and fast-hiring process

– Reducing the team workload

– Making operational costs more effective

– Increasing productivity of the employee

– Providing easy coordination between employer and employee


– Making additional hiring cost

– Creating a wide culture gap

– Reducing team bonding

– Damaging the company’s reputation

As the explanations mentioned above, one of the factors that bring the success of the business might be manpower supply meaning. However, learning more about the kinds, and advantages make the company focus on what the company needs to achieve the efficient process that will bring more profit to the company in the future.

However, knowing the disadvantages also makes the company know the potential risks and the consequences the company will take if there is any poor practice in the hiring process.

Then, if the company searches for a manpower supply company in Indonesia, the one that provides professional services is PT. Qyusi Global Indonesia. Qyusi manpower offers a workforce that has a core skill set and is qualified in their work field. It also can solve the problem most companies face which makes operations cost-effective. In other words, it can cut the expense of the hiring process


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