Know These 6 Manpower Supply Requirements to Choose The Right Company

Know These 6 Manpower Supply Requirements to Choose The Right Company

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Manpower Supply Requirements The manpower supply company is one of the institutions that is much needed at this time. The reason is, by using a manpower supply, we can get jobs more easily.

However, manpower supply companies must meet the manpower supply requirements in order to be able to distribute workers legally. In fact, there are still many labor supply companies that do not meet the requirements.

Therefore, below we provide the conditions that must be met by these companies. This can be your reference whether the company you choose is the best or not.

The Company Must Already be A Legal Entity

A good manpower supply company must have legal permits. This is also regulated by law. By having a legal entity, you can easily file a lawsuit if the company has problems with you later.

It Has Labor Reporting Documents

As a company in the field of manpower, of course this one of manpower supply requirements cannot be ignored. So, make sure that the company you choose already has a complete employment report document.

Know These 6 Manpower Supply Requirements to Choose The Right CompanyIt Cannot Use Virtual Office 

In general, manpower supply company is not allowed to have virtual offices. The reason is, based on government regulations, such a company must have a permanent address and office.

Manpower Supply Requirements – Submitted Business Activities are Service, Not Production-Related

Employment companies can hand over some of their business activities to outsourcing parties by agreement. However, work that can be submitted to outsourcers is not work that is directly related to supporting service activities or production processes.

Companies May Not Carry Out Their Activities before Obtaining Proof of Registration

So, this requirement must be met before the labor supply company runs its business operations. If the company continues to carry out its business activities before obtaining proof of registration from the relevant agency, its license will be revoked

Therefore, if the company you choose doesn’t have proof of this, then it’s a good idea to immediately look for another company that already has valid proof of registration. Proof of registration can be obtained by manpower supply company by completing documents and registering their business at the Manpower Office.

Routinely Reporting to The Local Manpower Office

If the company already has proof of registration from the Manpower Office, make sure that the company also reports regularly to the relevant office. It aims to monitor the business processes of the company, whether they are in accordance with the law or not.

So, 6 manpower supply requirements are absolute requirements for manpower supply service. If you wanna use that service, PT Qyusi Global Indonesia – Qyusi Manpower is the best manpower supply company in Indonesia for you.

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